HR Automation

HR Automation

If your company still believes that maintaining excel sheets and paper records is the best way to run HR, then you cannot be more mistaken. There’s a lot that HR brings to the table for the smooth operating of a company. In fact, if HR is inefficient, the chances are that your whole organization will have to bear with loss and damage.

That’s because an inefficient HR system leads to mismanagement of the employees, and that’s not good. Struggles in the HR department can largely be solved by automation. Hiring, promotions, appointments, payroll, and other processes can all be easily handled via automation.

Plus, it reduces the load on your HR resources and the chances of human errors. There are lots of benefits to HR automation. In this article, we shall try and understand them and also look at a few automation processes that can help you:

Benefits of HR Automation

It’s natural for businesses to look for utility before making investments. Here are a few benefits that businesses can reap via HR automation:

Improve Efficiency

Your processes will become super-efficient with the help of HR automation. The HR department exists to ensure that the resources at the organization work the right way. Digitizing your HR would reduce friction from many processes. For instance, your employees will not have to spend time writing out every appointment letter manually or requesting for and submitting applications on paper.

Not only does this save time and effort by speeding up processes, it keeps record of application and process histories for many employees, calculate and update data, all the while making space and time to be dedicated to other important tasks.

Better Insights

HR automation brings with it some priceless analysis that can help the organization grow. From finding the right talent to mapping competencies framework and knowing exactly what you look for from a resource. With such priceless data at your hand, you can spot mistakes, figure out patterns and develop efficient solutions. The right insights will truly help your business to perform better.

Reduced Errors

Humans aren’t free from errors. Machines minimise them to an ultimate end. By getting the processes automated, you can have the machines and software to do the work for you. This way, the chances of human errors can be avoided, increasing the speed of the processes well. After all, what’s the point of betting against the machine when you take 5x more time to do a task right that the machine can do in an instant.

Here’s what you can get via automation:

ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

What is the need for going through each CV and putting your head down to hunt the right candidate? An applicant tracking system can do it for you by analysing the CV via keywords and picking out the targeted candidates for you, leaving you with sufficiently sorted out data to then proceed with for further processes. This can help you go through thousands of CVs in a very short time. If done manually, this does take a long time, and the person doing the job can easily lose efficiency.

HR Balance Scorecard

This is a performance management tool for the company. To clear out the common misconception, the HR balance scorecard is a convergence of the HR scorecard and the balance scorecard. To manage the business’s performance on multiple levels, this tool helps assess the company for its performance against financial goals, customer goals, internal business goals and innovation and learning goals.

This helps the HR extract the core information on what the business needs to do in order to grow. It then becomes easier to align the requirements and strategize the hiring processes to find the right talent that works well in alignment to the goals.

Computer-Aided Psychological Tests

Companies do not just want the candidates who can somehow do the job for them. There’s a lot more that a candidate must offer and deliver once recruited. One important thing that companies look for before recruiting someone is their thought process and the soft skills that they bring to the table.

Physical interviews have long been the primary method to judge a candidate before recruiting them. In fact, many companies have psychologists on recruitment panels so that they can assess a candidate’s psychological competence before they are hired.

With automated psychological tests, you can have a way better of understanding each candidate that applies for the job. Once you have the results, it becomes super easy to know who to proceed with, saving the company a lot of time and resources.

Boolean Search Method to locate Relevant CVs/Resumes

You need to get access to the right CVs to hunt the right candidate. Let automation help you in this regard. By setting up the right automated processes, you can get access to the right talents across various hiring platforms.

The Boolean search method helps HR narrow down the choices of candidates. When you have a pool of the right people, the search for the right talent becomes super easy.

To reach the height of excellence and achieve its potential to the fullest, any company must render their HR to be the best that can be offered, because even with the best resources working for you will not