Attract Employees With a Compelling Job Description

A vague job description attracts vague candidates for vacancies at your organization. Getting the description right is essential if you want the right people to apply. In this article, we discuss a few important tips for recruiters to follow if they want invite the right candidates to apply:

Get the Title Right

Most organizations aren’t really as hip-hop as they portray themselves to be. As a recruiter, you don’t need to jump the bandwagon of posting cool job descriptions. Sometimes, sticking true to the tradition is the best strategy.

Make sure you get the job title right. For instance, if you put forward a title with the word ‘Rockstar’ in it, don’t be surprised if a musician shows up looking for the supply chain job that you are offering. 

The right title enunciates clearly what the role demands, and hence filters out the unwanted candidates.

Describe the Job

Place yourself in the place of a candidate who comes across a job post titled ‘looking for a sales champion’ or ‘looking for a superstar copywriter’, while this might seem flashy to the reader for a split second, the title fails to determine the seniority of the role. 

It is also not fair to put out jobs over titles oversimplified to the point that they become reductive. Have an engaging description and clarify what the job role is all about. Plus, it can also help the candidates understand what your business expects of them.

Remember, recruiting is a costly process. As an efficient recruiter, your task should be to attract only the relevant candidates. That way you’ll be able to get the best pool of candidates, further easing the processes that follow the initial stages of selection. 

Mention the Responsibilities of The Role

Candidates need to be as clear about the job role as possible before they apply. In the responsibilities section of the job advert, outline the skills that you require. If there are certain tools that you want the candidate to know, mention that as well. Incorporate clarity and see how fast and efficient your hiring process can become by implementing such simple tactics.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Your job description should portray that you are looking for someone to fill the role quickly. A little urgency in the job description implies that you’ll offer a good package, which should attract the right pool of candidates for you willing to fill in the spot for you. 

Identify The Workplace Culture

Remember, if you want to attract the right employees, you need to attract people that align with the business’s goals and vision. Not every great talent will prove to be a great resource for your business. 

While it’s true that you have limitations with portraying the company culture over a description, try and use the opportunity as much as possible. When the candidates know the culture, they themselves will apply with caution.

Be clear

Last, leave no ambiguities. Or leave as little ambiguity as possible. Your communication via the job description must be absolutely clear. Not enough emphasis can ever be laid upon the fact that communication is the key to hiring the right talent.

Don’t hide or try to lure candidates to the job with something that you are not. Being clear will help the candidates understand you better. Always be clear with the role, the responsibilities, the culture, and your offerings. That’s the best way to attract the right employees.

Final Words

If your company is struggling with hiring the right talent, then you may need to revisit your recruitment strategy and job postings. One way to tackle the problem is to get professionals to review your hiring processes. 

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