Performance Management

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A reliable performance management framework can help incentivize your employees and encourage them to work more efficiently to fulfill goals (outlined by us for you) that facilitate personal growth and the collective success of the organization. Let us help you create job descriptions, assign individual goals, conduct appraisals and disburse performance-based increments.

Our Performance Management philosophy:
Did You Know?

Heritage Luxury Suites saw exponential growth in performance after People™ designed their Job Descriptions, Goals & Competency Framework.

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A world-class performance management system comprises the following steps:

Create Job Descriptions (KAA's)

Assign Goals (KPI's)

Identify Competencies

Conduct Performance Appraisals

Calculate Increment Budget

Disburse Performance-based Increments

Businesses believe performance management is important

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Work quality improvement can be achieved by staff satisfaction towards company mission


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