UNICEF Polio Drive, June 2021

Since the last 20 years PEOPLE has been striving to make Pakistan a better place and this year Professional Employers Private Limited was hand in hand with UNICEF and WHO to eradicate Polio once and for all. Our team worked tirelessly to recruit and later assist the polio workers in this scorching weather. Polio workers were provided with water bottles, umbrellas and O.R.S sachets to beat the rising heat. Thousands of Polio front-line workers were accommodated in this difficult time. More than 10,000 water bottles and O.R.S sachets were distributed among workers to help them fight for the cause without letting heat interrupt their efforts. Moreover, the field workers were also given more than 10,000 umbrellas in different areas across the country to protect them from the relentless sunlight in the field.

Various districts across the country including Khyber Agency, South/North Waziristan, Mohmand, Bajaur, Rajanpur, Mianwali and Mandi Bahauddin were aided with essentials like these to help keep Polio Fighters protected and keep Pakistan a Polio free nation. With all these efforts, People continues to uphold its legacy of being one of the most trustworthy and caring organizations working towards a better and more developed Pakistan. Polio workers are playing a fundamental role in exterminating this deadly virus and People salutes the efforts of these brave individuals and provides unrelenting and unwavering support in all circumstances.

It’s better together.