Self-Protection Training for our Female Staff

People conducted a session on defensive techniques for female members, with the aim to provide training on self-protection. We invited all of our female staff to attend and be part of a learning experience that would allow them to come together with other members of the office, share their experiences regarding safety and security, information and skills that are necessary to posses for any individual person travelling internally or across cities/borders, solo.

The female members of our office were gathered and were addressed by our trainer and facilitator, who guided them through the stages of the training. The session was divided into three main stages that were divided in between, introduction to self-defense; where the trainer elicited why the member believed this training was provided and what they expected the company to present during this session. This helped our facilitator attain an idea of what other areas of concerns did she may need to come to and address during the session. Importantly, this stage also set for our trainees’ reliable education on self defense mechanisms and techniques that they needed to be aware of. Here, the trainer also introduced the tools that members were directed to carry.

The second part of this session introduced and distributed an important self-defense tool known as the pepper spray. These pepper sprays were distributed to each female attendee, followed by detailed information on its careful conserving and cautious use. Our facilitator guided them through the ways that a pepper spray should be dealt with, always labeled and cautiously kept on at all times in belongings that are easily accessible for the user.

Ours teams were then, in the third stage of the training, provided with a practical demonstration of the usage of this tool, including unsealing and spraying, keeping in mind the distance of one self from the tool as well as the person the tool is targeted towards. Handouts that were especially curated, laying out each step of such an encounter and the way to practice response to fight back in detail, were provided that emphasized on all self-safety guidelines and provided detail on other defensive techniques that members were made aware of.