People sponsors HR Tech Summit Asia 2019

People’s huge island in the centre of the hall at Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore, was definitely the main attraction for attendees at HR Tech Summit Asia 2019, with a special focus on their groundbreaking new software, People-i.

Hundreds of HR professionals gathered at Faletti’s hotel in Lahore to visit HR Tech Summit Asia 2019, an outstanding event that attracted the most distinguished contributors of the HR Industry under one roof to discuss common contemporary issues and their solutions.

People was the Platinum sponsor of this event and boldly stated their involvement by having the largest and most elaborate exhibit at the event. A magnificent island containing two 12 foot high towers, complemented by 8 tv screens where the People HR experts entertained visitors and gave them a demo of their signature HR tool, People-i.

People set out as one of the best visionaries in the field of HR practices and was widely appreciated through the summit. Mr. Abrahim Butt- Head of operations was keenly invited to be a discussion panelist on this extra ordinary HR summit, where he emphasized on the importance of technology in all HR operations and stated “Technology is going to facilitate the functions, not fix the problems. Its us who need to decide what to take as the best strategy.”

PEOPLE, strongly believes in the integration of digitalization and Big data in operations, especially HR, and so the exhibit of the software People-i served as an example for many aspiring businesses and leaders to adopt, integrate and master this art of business operations.

Due to PEOPLE’s extreme generosity and much appreciated partnership with HR legends to bring this event to life, full representation from corporate and academia sectors was observed and was given the opportunity to gain more perspective of the revolution that becomes when HR practices are made digitalized, like People-i.

PEOPLE was also featured in the post report issue for the HR Summit Asia 2019, published in the HR legends magazine as an example of vital contributor to organization performance by the integration of automation and different facets of HR.