People Pakistan – Best HR Company in Lahore

People Pakistan – Best Hr Company In Lahore

PEOPLE is the No. 1 recruitment company in Lahore. HR company plays a vital role in the success of a company and further enhances HR management to facilitate the growth of a company.

Some of the areas where HR plays a most important role to ensure easy workflow in the company are:

  • Recruitment and on-boarding
  • Training and Development
  • Strategic Management
  • Managing the payroll process
  • Ensuring employee safety and satisfaction
  • Offering benefits and rewards to employees
  • Resolving conflicts within the organization

With so many HR responsibilities, organizations have realized that it is no longer practical to manage these responsibilities manually. This is where automation comes in. Automation is taking over most HR functions and HR professionals are happily adapting to this change as it makes their job easier in many ways.

Before we look into it in more detail at how automation will benefit HRM, let’s first talk about what HR automation is and which areas of HRM responsibilities can be replaced by automation?

What is HR Automation?

HR automation is a procedure that uses software tools such as people-i to free up recruiters, who are usually busy with tedious paperwork and make their job easier so that they can focus on a variety of essential tasks that require manual supervision, such as decision-making and strategy development. HR automation helps to save companies time and cost by automating a range of repetitive and manual HR functions.

With the advancement of technology, most recruitment tasks are being automated to save recruiters valuable time from repetitive manual tasks. HR software people-i offers some significant benefits from automation, as outlined below:


Recruitment involves many tasks such as posting job advertisements, answering calls or emails, checking CVs, scheduling interviews, evaluating employees, etc. These duties usually involve piles of paperwork, incorrectly filled-in forms, and miscommunication. Automation of the recruitment procedure helps in many ways, for example by selecting candidates’ CVs on the basis of certain standards only. This saves a lot of time, as the recruitment department no longer has to resort to piles of paperwork to select a short CV of the right candidate. The state-of-the-art HR software people-i helps you to automatically send emails to candidates and update them on their job status.

Employee Onboarding

Once a candidate has been recruited, the next step is onboarding, which is a very important recruitment process. The onboarding procedure involves a lot of manual work, such as gathering the employee’s documents for verification, signing countless forms, granting access to several tools, etc. Manual recruitment is prone to errors and becomes burdensome for human resources. HR automation helps to solve this problem. Automating the onboarding procedure is a blessing because it helps in more ways than one. HR chat bots can be used to instruct new recruits on how to fill in forms. The automation method ensures that a new employee’s details such as name, date of birth, and social security number no longer need to be filled in again. In fact, the tool extracts all this data and automatically fills in the forms. This saves a lot of time and improves the employee experience.

Managing Working Time and Attendance

People-i is fully automated and comes with attendance management system as one of its key features. Manual entry of staff attendance regularly leads to inaccurate attendance calculations. This leads to a number of problems such as time theft, inaccurate payroll calculations, employer indiscipline, etc. Automating this procedure and using an attendance management system helps the company track and monitor employee attendance by keeping a record of each employee’s login/logout time, working time, break time, etc. This can be done using biometric attendance systems that prevent any intermediary or manipulative input of information. Remote staff can be further tracked and managed using mobile apps and geo-fencing technologies.


People Pakistan ensures the use of the latest technologies to automate HR procedures. We are committed to providing the best brains to organizations to help them excel in their fields. Being one of the most trusted and reliable recruitment companies in Lahore, Pakistan, we always use the best tactics to select the best candidates to increase the overall profitability of the organization. Contact us for more details. Let us be your partner in your journey of success.