Factors That Increase Employee Loyalty

If employee loyalty is one thing that your organization struggles with, that is probably because the necessary cushions to make the employees stay longer are not in place. In this article, we uncover the important aspects that organizations struggling with the problem must adopt to keep employees on-boarded after training

Understanding Employee Loyalty

Even though organizations struggle a lot in this domain, the concept is pretty simple to understand. You need to associate the positive feelings and emotions of your employees with yourself. The more uplifted the employee feels when they think of working with you, the more the needle shall tip in your favour on the loyalty radar.

We do understand that it’s easier said than done, but there are ways to retain employees in your organization for longer than they might anticipate their stay. Here are some of the factors that, if executed successfully, may contribute to employee loyalty

Provide Job Security

Human nature is drawn toward security and people don’t like to move away from places that offer security of their future in terms of their job. If an employee continuously function under the fear of losing their job and think that a single mistake can bring their stay in your company to an end, then you may need to address that fear. On the other hand, employees often tend to remain loyal to the organization when they know that their position offers security and that the consequences of their actions and the results of their performances do not meet with extreme ends. Otherwise, it is very likely that your employees actively keep a lookout for something more lucrative and secure. Security encourages employees to work willingly for at times even a lesser pay rather than switch to something that pays more but brings uncertainty.

Offer Competitive Salaries

Paying your employee less than what they are worth in the market can spark the motivation to make the switch. At the end of the day employees wish for their companies to pay, reward and give back at the same rate as their efforts into their company. Swaying from this rule will eventually lead your employees to move to someone who gives more for the same amount of work and time put in.

Recognize your Employees’ Efforts

People that are shone under the spotlight often are not much motivated to switch. If you have great employees you would want to retain them long-term and for that, your organization must devise a method that ensure the recognition of the efforts that they put in and appreciate their work.

Employee appreciation is not limited to monetary rewards, managers keeping their employees motivated by communicating their positive judgement of their work does go a long way as well.

Create an Ideal W0rk Culture

Your employees shouldn’t be expected to make work the most important thing in their life. That’s a recipe for disaster. Make that your people get ample personal time and your company does not make late sittings or regularly working overtime without the extra effort being accounted for, the workplace culture.

Empower your Employees

Don’t be too bureaucratic! Handover some decision-making powers to your employees and the liberty to make certain decisions that fall within the ambit of their jurisdiction, independently. Empowered employees feel great, and they’d be less motivated to move away into something uncertain that may take away their authority.

Maintain An Ideal Workplace Environment

Certain problematic elements might sometimes arise in your work environment that you must always address as a priority. There are times when employees don’t necessarily dislike the organization but the people that they work with.

If you end up hiring an employee or manager that is causing problems for others, then address them right away. Filtering out the workspace constantly is a good way to throw away the bad eggs and let the good ones thrive.

The bottom line is that you need to induce positivity in your employees and make them feel good about working with you. Even though the marketplace is filled with people willing to work for you, it has always been a challenge to find great people.

If you find the right ones, then make efforts to keep them with you. Loyalty goes a long way, and make sure that you set the right parameters that help your employees to stay.