People’s Recruitment Drive for Huawei: Creating Equal Opportunities and Inclusive Workspaces

Setting up recruiting stations in one of the largest metropolitan areas of Pakistan, the Saudi Pak Tower in Islamabad, and in the center of Lahore at Park Lane Hotel, People conducted major recruitment drives for Huawei, assisting young and ambitious IT graduates to join the path to Pakistan’s future in technology.

Our dedicated and fully resourced recruitment team reviewed over 6000 candidates stationed all across Pakistan through a detailed screening process; with the aim to identify and shortlist all qualified applicants. This opportunity was created for fresh graduates determined to start their career endeavors by stepping foot in Pakistan’s IT sector and joining one of the largest organizations in technology – People’s recruitment team made sure that all aspiring applicants were met with through the right platform. Our team was able to establish a candidate pool of over 4500 qualified job seekers and outplaced more than 600 candidates coming from various backgrounds – who will now be major stakeholders in the development of Pakistan’s Information Technology sector. These included filling spaces for Software Engineers, System Administrators, UI/UX Designers, Automation Developers, CEM Platform Engineers and various other that represent notable positions in Information Technology.

We take upon ourselves the responsibility to ensure that opportunity is created in equal terms for all of Pakistan’s citizens. Our goal to progress a culture of inclusion in Pakistan’s major workspaces, which advances our distribution of information, reachability and search for candidates, to varying localities, aiming to create diverse workspaces that are reflective of all the provinces, languages and cultures that make up Pakistan. This very goal also leads our recruitment team’s representatives to expand their reach, and dispatch information to, different regions. To prepare for our recruitment drive with Huawei, our representatives visited several localities including educational institutions; universities from varied regions – to further diversify the distribution of opportunities.

People’s purpose is to power any organization’s vision by providing quality and reliable services that are completely in-line with the given directions. We communicate in all directions to find the right resources for major players – all the while connecting aspiring young dreamers with their purposed organizations. We envision a future for Pakistan that competes with the world’s major economies with business environments that create equal spaces for all talents, and to bring that vision into action, we connect talents from communities – that were previously logistically unreachable – with leading organizations that are driving major development sectors in Pakistan.